At Super Ford Insecticides Ltd, it is our endeavour to ensure that the customer gets the best possible finished products at an economical cost. Thus we constantly try to push our boundaries to improve our products through Research and Development.

Our Core Research & Development principles revolve around:

Development of Novel Compounds

  1. Studying the activity of various chemical compounds and their effectiveness.
  2. Developing an economical process for the synthesis of the compound on Laboratory Scale
  3. Transferring the Process from Pilot to Plant Scale.

Process Development

  1. Process Development of Off Patented Products
  2. Using Green Chemistry to make products more economical, environmentally benign and reduce the toxic wastes.
  3. Transferring the processes from Pilot to Plant Scale.

Formulation Development

  1. Development of Formulation keeping in mind the customer’s needs, and to address the issue of resistance in pests.
  2. Transferring the process from Pilot to Plant Scale.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Filing Patents for a newly developed product/ process.
  2. Looking out for Intellectual Property Protection and Patent Infringements.